Local Media:

What Criteria Should I Use When Deciding When to Sell an Investment? Published by Pittsburgh Business Times - July 16, 2010

Exchange Traded Funds More Common, More Complex Haven Published by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - February 3, 2010  "Investors Seeking Safety Flock to Bonds, But Experts Warn of Hidden Risks," by Tim Grant, with quote from Cameron Short, October 29, 2010   "401(k): the hidden costs" by Tim Grant, with quote from Cameron Short, April 26, 2012   "Take the 'bull' by the horns", by Tim Grant, with quote from Cameron Short, September 10, 2013 -- "Stock returns slow in May, but why?", by Tim Grant, with quote from Cameron Short, May 1, 2015


Physician Publications:

Physician's News Digest:

Increase Retirement Contributions for Key Employees with a Carve-Out Plan Published by Physician's News Digest - May 2010 Issue

Disability Insurance: What Every Physician Needs to Know Published by Physician's News Digest - March 2010 Issue

Asset Allocation Published by Physician's News Digest - December 2008

How To Evaluate The Risk of an Investment Published by Physican's News Digest - November 2007 Issue

MD Practice Options:

Experienced Professional Explains Value of Disability Insurance Published by MD Options - March 2010

Investment Opportunities To Review Published by MD Options- July 2007

Managing An Investment Portfolio Published by MD Options - June 2007

Physicians Money Digest:   "Five Tried and True Money Rules," by Ed Rabinowitz, with quote from Cameron Short.  Published October 2010.

National Media:

Value and Growth - Why Investors Need Both Published by US News and World Report - June 11, 2010

Wealth Managers: Providing financial Advice to Doctors Published by Reuters - May 19, 2010

Five Key Strategies for Defensive Investing Published by AOL Daily Finance - May 15, 2010

Index Funds May Gain Edge in 401(k) Plans Published by The - March 31, 2010  "Stocks Extend Rally," by Stephen Bernard, with quote from Cameron Short.  Published nationwide. "Stocks Climb Amid Pledge to Balance Trade," by Stephen Bernard, with quote from Cameron Short.  Appeared in,,,,, LA Times, Huffington Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Clarion Ledger, Detroit News, Palm Beach Post and other national media outlets.

 Pensions Can Mean big Tax Savings For Small Firms--A Dow Jones Newswires Column quoting Cameron Short

The Doctor Is In and Needs Retirement Planning, by Cameron Short--published in OnWallStreet, May 2011