Our goal over the past 20 years has been to provide premier wealth management services for select individuals, families, and businesses with significant means. 
Our program offers our clients tailored financial strategies along with a level of professionalism and access to experience usually reserved for large institutions.  We believe our association with Stifel, along with our current team of professionals, has allowed us to provide superior wealth management services.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Services:

Investment consulting services and portfolio design tailored to your specific needs
and risk tolerance.  Our fee-based strategies reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest
which sometimes occur between the advisor and the client within transaction-based
programs.  These programs may include alternative investment options. 

 Cutting-edge estate planning and business planning strategies. 

 We work in conjunction with your existing advisors.

 Accounts > $1,000,000

Through Stifel, we offer:

Investment banking services for both public and private transactions

 Corporate Executive Services:

Stifel is equipped to handle such complex issues on both a corporate and
an individual basis, such as Cashless Stock Option Exercises, Control & Restricted
Stock Sales, Rule 10b5-1 Plans, and Lending on Control & Restricted Stock.